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The George W. Bush administration has done things to America that I believed were only possible under Nixon, Stalin or Hitler. He likely stole TWO presidential elections. He put us into a war under false pretenses instead of capturing or killing bin Laden, or whomever attacked and killed almost 3000 souls on OUR soil. By his actions, Bush has infuriated and energized terrorists worldwide. This is dedicated to Mr. Bush, "W" as he's known to many.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And now he pardons Libby?!!

I personally think that Mr. Libby's pardon was another blatantly wrong (that is what the "W" stands for, isn't it?) Bush action meant to protect Bush and members of his administration from well-deserved prosecution for high crimes and misdemeanors.

But, then again, like the vast majority of Americans, (CNN: 80% thought Libby's pardon was wrong; Wall Street Journal: 69% and counting thought the pardon was wrong) I didn't agree with Libby's pardon.

Further, I think that Bush, Cheney, Rove and most members of the administration belong in prison for (minimally):
  • Gross dereliction of duty for not going after and bringing to justice whomever was responsible for attacking the USA on 9/11/01,
  • Attacking Iraq with no provocation, after lying about the WMDs that weren't there,
  • Destroying the US economy by continuing Bush's Iraq "war" since that time,
  • and for killing and maiming thousands of American military personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in that same "war".

As the "Baretta" theme song said "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

An opinion by an American who served this country in the military in 'Nam:

"July 2, 2007 at 20:03:48


by Lawless One


Or, Commuting the Sentence of Guilty White House Leaker of National Security Secrets Doesn't Compute

Bush Junior apparently has decided that Libby, an Administration senior official found guilty of deliberately lying under oath while being questioned about his admitted leaks of a national security secret regarding CIA personnel, should do no jail time for his crimes.

Obviously, the Republican campaign ads had it wrong. Why should al-Qaida ever want Democrats to win when they can have a helpful fellow like Bush and his buddies in the White House? So much for the supposed promises of Republicans to safeguard our national security and keep convicted criminals behind bars. Frankly, King Bush routinely does more for terrorists in a month than a battalion of terrorists can do in a year.

Can you imagine what McCarthy and Goldwater would have said if a Democratic President had let the criminal go? Hell, can you imagine what Bush Senior would have said? After all, he got in office on the strength of his opponent supposedly letting convicted Willie Horton out of jail early.

It was a nice additional touch of irony that Bush Junior, who routinely ordered the torture of detainees and death sentences for the mentally ill, called the few months to be spent in a cushy US prison as 'excessive.'"


"It's probably obvious I'm a CYNICAL PESSIMIST. Why a cynical pessimist? Possibly it's the result of expending a full lifetime defending, first with rifle in hand and then with a legal pad, "truth, justice and the American Way." Observing the less than perfect result and the fact that it must be unending tends to incubate pessimistic cynicism. There is actually a better answer though. As a pessimistic cynic, I know I'll always be either right or delighted. I'm probably also affected by the fact I live at the very edge of the earth, about as far as someone can get from our nation's centers of power and still have dry feet. (Minor quibble to establish my unfailing honesty: I don't actually live at the edge. Nevertheless, I really can at least see the edge from here.) The commentaries submitted to this website are some of the views from that edge, for the most part political and social observations and questions tinged (or perhaps more accurately, tainted) with humor to make the point. The name "lawless one"? It was my call sign in Nam and ironic in other ways."


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