Bushwhacking in America

The George W. Bush administration has done things to America that I believed were only possible under Nixon, Stalin or Hitler. He likely stole TWO presidential elections. He put us into a war under false pretenses instead of capturing or killing bin Laden, or whomever attacked and killed almost 3000 souls on OUR soil. By his actions, Bush has infuriated and energized terrorists worldwide. This is dedicated to Mr. Bush, "W" as he's known to many.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The current administration has not learned from the Nixon lessons.

Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice and whomever else was responsible for manipulating the 2000 and 2004 elections are guilty of more impeachable offenses than any administration in US history.

They have not identified, found, or brought to justice, whomever was responsible for the horrific attacks of 9/11/01 -- the worst attacks on US soil in recent memory. It is now over 5 1/2 years later. There has never been a clearer dereliction of duty in US history.
They have compounded that failure by using faulty intelligence and outright lies to start and wage a war in Iraq. That "war" has caused the deaths and maimings of thousands of US military personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Rather than making the world safer FROM terrorists, it has enflamed and emboldened terrorists worldwide, resulting in more attacks on US and allied citizenry.

Thousands of Americans died or were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. Administration appointees failed to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to the devastation. The National Guard, who should have been the "first responders", was suffering from severe personnel shortages since they were deployed to fight the Iraq "war". Many of those dislodged Americans are still homeless, and they may never be able to return to their communities.

Despite mounting, overwhelming, contrary evidence, the Bush administration has steadfastly denied the existence of global warming and other environmental threats, instead cozying up to their business cronies. Despite a mounting national debt caused by the Iraq "war", the administration has lavished huge tax breaks upon those corporate supporters, and upon the wealthiest of Americans.

Most recently, Mr. Bush has again arrogantly vetoed a bill to fund stem cell research in the US. Over 70% of Americans favor the bill, and as many as 100 MILLION Americans -- one third of the populace -- suffer from the 70+ diseases and afflictions which may well be helped, or cured by, stem cell applications.

Members of the Bush administration daily take actions which add to the impeachment case. However, whether or not Bush, Cheney et al are impeached, their actions in Iraq certainly merit trial for war crimes before an international tribunal.


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